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Hi. My name is Raiderbones. Come on in to my cyber shack and make yourself at home. You are welcome to wander through any and all of our rooms. The floor plan is pretty wide open; Jolly Roger is ready to show you around and if you get lost you can always find Jolly Roger somewhere in the room and he will escort you right back here. 2003 has been a pretty rough season for the Oakland Raiders to make an understatement! And in keeping with that this site has pretty much sucked, too. It's December already, the seasons almost over and we are just getting around to trying to clean up these pages. About the best the Raiders can hope for this season is to end up in last place so they can get that first round draft pick next year! Well, I'm off to clean up the shack - hopefully the Raiders as an organization will do some major cleaning up as well. Onward, mateys! Anyway, welcome! Take a look around, have fun, and always remember around here - THE RAIDERS RULE - yes, even in the bad years.

Oakland Raiders Rule!


Living Room Living Room. Sit back, relax, have a beer, glance at our photo album, catch a movie or watch a slide show, play a game, listen to some music, take our poll and please sign the guestbook!
Kitchen Kitchen. The Chef is probably poking around in our kitchen, no doubt working up some new tailgate recipes for the 2004 season. Try his chili while you are in there. It's hot, hot, hot!
Bathroom Bathroom. I left the sports page in there for you. The headlines are updated every 10 minutes; click on them for the full stories. Scribble on the bathroom wall, if you feel the need (message board).
Office Office. Step into my office to check the 2003 schedule complete with tv times and channels, plus the 2003 team roster, stats, AFC West division standings and more. Also check out our resources for out-of-town fans!
The Den The Den. Remembering Eric Turner. In memory of one of our favorite Raider players taken from us way too young.
Back Porch Back Porch. We have provided you with an easy escape out the back door. This is where you will find some great links, sports search engines and the webrings we have joined. Add your link, too.

Oakland Raiders Commitment To Excellence

Raiders Scoreboard
12/14/03 Regular Season
Raiders  20
Ravens 12

Next Game:

Packers @ Raiders

Dec. 22 6:00 PM PST

Oakland Raiders Commitment To Excellence

The Picks Contest has been off line for the 2003 season. Sorry!

But look for it's bigger and better than every return in 2004!

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Oakland Raiders - Pride and Poise!

Quote of the Week

"We just keep finding a different way to lose every time.." -- Defensive End Tyler Brayton (after the latest debacle at the Squealers House 12/07/03)

That pretty much sums it up now, doesn't it?

Pride and Poise

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