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Our Chef will now share some of his secret and not so secret tailgate and football party recipes with you. Unless, of course, you are not inclined toward cooking. In that case, may the chef be so bold as to recommend some good take-out grub for your bash. In other words, if you can't take the heat, go to the Kitchen, California Pizza Kitchen, that is. Click on their logo to find a location near you.

California Pizza Kitchen 

Okay, now that the shameless promotion of the RaiderShack Chef's place of employment is over -- (he can't help it, somebody's got to bring in some loot around this here shack so as we can afford all those airline flights, hotel rooms and tickets to the games, not to mention the 'silver bullet' tabs) -- we can get to the recipes for some great game day eats.

Tailgate and Football Party Recipes

Five Alarm Raider Chili
Raider Mike's Famous Kosher Burritos
Raider Shack Grilled Chicken
Raider Shack New York Strip Steaks
Raider Shack Big Tuna Grill

All our recipes are hot!

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