Al Davis
The Godfather
Bill Callahan
Our Fearless Leader?

Fearless leader? More like foolish wonder! How long til Big Al lets the ax fall?

Time left for Callahan as Head Coach of the Raidahs

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Welcome to our living room. How do you like the family portraits we've had done? Look - right up there on the wall. Nice, huh? Bet we'll have to do 'em over soon, though.

Have a seat

Well, anyway, come on in and have a seat. Get comfortable. Make yourself at home.

Corona? Would you care for a beer? Extra emergency six 

This room, as well as all the rooms in the Shack were built with a Web TV. That's why they are:

We watch WebTV


Results may vary on Internet Explorer, Netscape or other browsers. If you encounter some weird glitch or bump into something that looks out of place, you can drop the Shackmaster - that's me, Raiderbones - a line at and I will see about rearranging the furniture for you.


Turn on the TV Speaking of T.V, why not grab the remote and flip over to our Multimedia Page. See the 15 Seconds to Glory movie from the Raiders awesome comeback against the Jets a few years back. There are also slideshows and NFL Trivia games. Try our Raider History Quiz!

Or maybe you would rather listen to some music? Click on the stereo to listen to (or download) the Oakland Raiders Theme Song. Plus a variety of other tunes are there for your enjoyment, as well. Listen to some music

Journey to Football 
Mecca Thumb through our photo album while you are here, too. These are pictures from a trek (Oct. 99) to the Oakland Coliseum with friends - a So Cal contingent of Raider faithful. More pics will be added very soon so check back often.

We bleed Silver and Black

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