Pirate's Pick'Em

Pirate's Pick'Em

Free Weekly NFL Picks Contest

Play along with us in our Pirate's Pick'em contest. Seventeen weeks of fun and friendly competition!

Week 17 Deadline: Saturday 10:30 AM PT

If you are one of our weekly winners, we'll reach into our treasure chest of booty and send you a $10.00 gift certificate for either a national (U.S.) restaurant chain, amazon.com, or for sports merchandise. (For our friends oversees, we'll make sure you get something that can be used internationally). The overall season winner will receive a $25.00 gift certificate! (Not big prizes, we know...but hey, this comes out of our own pockets...no corporate sponsors providing us with any spoils here, matey!)

Sign up and make your picks every week during the regular season. Brought to you exclusively by the pirates at RaiderShack.com but open to all---you don't need to be an Oakland Raider fan to play, you old scurvy dogs!

This is not a true "pickem" game because it's not straight up pickem...in other words, the spread counts!! We will use the line from the Stardust Casino at the time we post the picks sheet for the week (usually late Monday night/early Tuesday morning - Pacific time). Deadline for submitting your picks will be 10 a.m. E.T./1 p.m. P.T. Sunday or by game time of the first game of the week - there are some weeks this season with Thursday games and Saturday games so please pay attention! Picks submitted after the deadline will not be able to be counted.

Good Luck and Go Raiders!

Oakland Raiders Feel The Power

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